Water heaters – solutions for the industrial sector

Heating of water/water mixtures
The most common application for electric heaters is the heating of water using water heaters. Things that sound trivial are often complex in practice. This can be due to the very different water qualities (degree of hardness, ph value, etc.) as well as possible chemical additives, for which an individually suitable heater design must be found. Siekerkotte solutions include “simple” frost protection devices, temperature increase or maintenance in the provision of process heat, automated parts cleaning, air-conditioning issues in building services, as well as test benches in research facilities. In the course of the energy transition, a large number of new fields of application as well as output sizes in the MW range have been added for electric water heating. Water heaters are used in district or local heating networks (power-to-heat), or for sector coupling of the energy and heating sectors, among other applications.

  • Steam
Electric steam generators are a more complex topic, not least because of the high process pressure often associated with them and the high mechanical load on the heaters. Siekerkotte answers with an individual design and years of experience.
  • Surface load
Water has a comparatively excellent heat capacity. This is why we typically design our water heaters for a surface load of 8-11 watts/cm².
  • Material quality
As standard, we use 1.4571/ AISI 316Ti material for the tubular heating elements of our water heaters. Incoloy alloys are often used on request or for more aggressive water mixtures.
  • Pretreatment
We always recommend to connect the heater upstream of water treatment. Lime, for example, often causes problems. Lime deposits on heating elements insulate the heat inside the heating element and can thus destroy it from the inside. It is therefore crucial to pay attention to the degree of hardness of the water.
  • Pharmaceutical/hygiene applications
For highly sterile applications (WFI/ultra-pure water, etc.) Siekerkotte offers low dead space heating solutions upon request. For such solutions, it is possible to specify surface roughnesses of the parts in contact with medium down to 0.4µm in advance.

Warm Up – clear and simple explanation of technical terms

Tubular heater

Screw-in heater

Flange heater

Cartridge heater

Tankless water heater

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