Heating of solids & tools

Heating processes for solids and tools
Electric tubular heaters or high-performance cartridge heaters are ideal for direct electric heating of solids (salts, sand, concrete, etc.) and tools of all kinds. In this context, it is particularly important to find the best possible heat transfer between the heat source and the object/workpiece to be heated. And here too, ensuring appropriate load on heaters is an essential quality feature.
For the heating of tools, these usually contain individual holes or grooves, in which the heater can be mounted. Siekerkotte has many years of experience in producing tubular heaters individually for tools, which is often done by hand for reasons of precision.
Surface and ring heaters, heating sleeves and nozzle heating tapes are other designs that have also been tried and tested for years for heating injection molds, machine parts, castings or molds in the plastics industry, for example.

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Tubular heater

Cartridge heater

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