Product features

  • Efficient heat output (up to a medium temperature of approx. 700°C) and high power density
  • Low process costs due to high efficiency and low maintenance costs
  • Available as DIN, ASME, Tri-Clamp or special flanged-type solution
  • If required, guide plates to increase the flow velocity
  • Control (thyristor/contactor control) and monitoring specifically adapted to the process
  • Design and manufacturing according to DGRL 97/23/EG, AD2000, EN13455 and ASME

Area of application

  • Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, heavy oil, bitumen, etc.
  • Drinking water, circuit water, de-ionised water, demineralised water, WFI, water for pharmaceutical use, etc.
  • Steam, saturated steam
  • Air, nitrogen; flue gas etc.


Electric flanged heaters are used to heat liquid or gaseous media directly and with a high degree of efficiency. The heaters are based on highly compressed tubular heaters designed in accordance with the heating process (pipe material, shape, diameter, unheated area, arrangement). The computer-supported design guarantees a solution involving the medium characteristics (corrosion, surface load etc.), vibrations and further process specifications. Several materials (1.4571.., 2.4858…etc.), which are selected according to the corresponding purpose, are available for the heater and connection flange. The connection housing is thermally insulated; in case of medium temperatures of > 150°C, an additional insulation is provided between flange and connection housing to protect the terminals and connection. If required, guide plates will be designed to increase the flow velocity of the medium in passage pipes. Monitoring and control is carried out by mechanical temperature controllers and/or limiters or electronic Pt100, thermocouples and individual thyristor and contactor controls, as independent control or as signal transducer for an existing PLC.

We have been engaged in electric heat technology for more than 25 years and have developed and manufactured reference solutions for the chemical processing technology as well as for the mechanical and plant engineering industry on an international level. We specify and manufacture our products according to international standards (DGRL 97/23/EC, AD2000, EN 13455, ASME) and, if required, with approval by TÜV/GL/DNV etc.

Tubular heater
Diameter6.5mm; 8.5mm; 11.5mm; 16mm
Material1.4404; 1.4571; 1.4828; 1.4876; 2.4858
Immersion depth150mm - 3500mm
DesignDIN; Tri-Clamp; ASME; special flanges
Diameterby arrangement
Pressure ratingby arrangement
MaterialSteel (H II boiler plate); 1.4301; 1.4404 1.4541; 1.4571;
IP codeIP00 to IP67
Cascade version
Guide plates etc.
Control / Monitoring
Temperature sensorPT100; sheathed thermocouples; capillary thermostats
Thyristor or contactor controlsby arrangement