Product features

  • Wide range of designs and pipe material
  • Sealing technology ensures top insulation resistance
  • High-temperature resistant (up to 700°C)
  • High-quality magnesium oxide (MgO) for high electrical safety and excellent thermal conductivity
  • Production according to DIN 44.874 and VDE 0720

Area of application

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Miscellaneous


The tubular heater is available in different designs. The connector is usually a threaded or threadless bolt welded to the heating coil of the tubular heater. If required, stranded wires, flat plugs and/or threaded nipples can also be delivered for connection and installation. When properly used for the purpose intended, the tubular heater features a long service life. The decisive factor is the selection of the pipe material and the observation of the surface load in connection with the respective application.

The plug-in tubular heater can be delivered in lengths of up to 7m and as finned version.

We have been successfully engaged in electric heat technology for more than 25 years and have internationally developed and manufactured reference solutions for the chemical, mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Tubular heating element (THE) - developed length

Performance (P) +5/-10%
Length (L) +/-2%
Diameter (D) +/- 0,1

Exemplary shapes

Tubular heater
Diameter6,5mm; 8,5mm; 11,5mm; 16mm
Material1.4404; 1.4571; 1.4828; 1.4876; 2.4858
Developed length (DL)Overall length of the tubular heater. (max. 7m)
Unheated lengthby arrangement
Centre-to-centre distance (C)Standard: 20mm for TH with diameter of 8.5, 23.5mm for TH with diameter 11.5, 24mm for TH with diameter of 16 or by arrangement
Mittenabstand (M)Centre-to-centre distance between the connecting bolts. (D+D1)
ConnectionThread; non-threaded bold; flat plug; stranded wire
FastenerStandard: M14 x1.5 or by arrangement