• Air-conditioning
  • Drying plants
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Process engineering

see also Air heaters

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Reference applications

Customer: Marine
Medium: Air
Output: 40kW
Temp.: 120°C
Miscellaneous: Mobil
Fan vol. 2000 m³/h
Customer: Surface technology
Medium: Air
Output: 120kW 4 levels
Temp.: 250°C
Miscellaneous: Mobil
Fan vol. 6000 m³/h

Product features:

  • Design customised according to the process
  • Mobile (including transport rollers/load hooks etc.)
  • Regulation/control included
  • Clean and easy handling
  • Low-maintenance
  • Safe and reliable
  • Selective heating of workstations


In industrial plant engineering and the maritime sector, hot air is regularly needed for the drying processes of parts and installations, e.g. internal coating of containers, surface treatments, apparatus engineering or drying of engines and plastic coating. The quality requirements for the air heaters with regard to their performance, stability, reliability, corrosion resistance and service life are high and frequently not met by standard appliances. Siekerkotte has developed and produced specific solutions for different applications. We support our customers from the specification and design and beyond commissioning. Up to the medium wave range, the air heaters can be equipped with several switching steps as mobile solution with transport rollers or load hooks, fans and matching feedback control.

We have been successfully engaged in electric heat technology for more than 25 years and have internationally developed and manufactured reference solutions for the chemical, mechanical and plant engineering industry. We specify and manufacture our products according to international standards (DGRL 97/23/EC, AD2000, EN 13455, ASME) and, if required, with approval by TÜV/GL/DNV etc.