Product features

  • High ease of use with programmable user level
  • Reliable monitoring and safety shutdown
  • Visual status indication
  • Available individually with timer, flow measurement, electronic limiter or the like
  • Up to IP66


  • Industrial use (special construction)
  • Mechanical/plant engineering
  • Testing stations
  • Power plant technology
  • Marine/offshore


Electric heating in any field of application always requires a reliable and failure-free control. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we produce controls with the respectively required switching accuracy and the associated components.

Switching elements, fuses and the air conditioning possibly required for the switch cabinet are specified individually for the requested heat output, the local ambient temperatures and the existing supply network.

A freely configurable, continuously variable PID controller compatible with all common measuring transducers is used as standard.

Standard version:0 - 7.5 kW7.6 - 9 kW
9.1 - 11.5 kW11.6 - 16 kW
16.1 - 23.5 kW23.6 - 28 kW
28.1 - 36 kW36.1 - 45 kW
The standard versions are intended for one heating group. A surcharge will be charged for each further heating group
Load circuit:400 V 3~ +PE
Control circuit:230 V
Filter fan From 7.5 kW
OptionsTop-hat rail thermostat/electronic temperature limiter (in addition to the compact controller) 
Operating time counter (front or top-hat rail mounting)
Timer (for automatic switching on/off)
Solid-state relay module/optocoupler (signal exchange)