Siekerkotte mainly uses electromechanical controller units with sensors installed in a protective tube. This protective tube is either mounted to the tubular heater to monitor the surface temperature of the heater or to measure the medium temperature centrally inside the medium.
The control precision of such electromechanical thermostats is between 1-2.5%.

Our standards:

Temperature controller (TC)

Function: Regulates within the desired temperature range.
Adjustment ranges: Between 0-500°C
Design: 1-pin or 3-pin

Temperature limiter (TL)

Function: Switches off when the temperature is exceeded and must be reset manually for restart.
Adjustment ranges: 0-500°C
Ausführung: 1-pin or 3-pin

Temperature controller/limiter combination (TC-TL)

Function: Contains controller with safety shutdown in case of overtemperature.
Adjustment ranges: 30-85°C; 30-110°C
Shutdown temperature: 110°C; 140°C (fixed)
Design: 3-pin

Connection examples

Integrated controller:


In case of more complex complete units, it is unfortunately not possible to control the overall performance directly via the controller unit, which is why a switch cabinet with integrated contactor or thyristor control is used in most cases.

Connection diagram of a contactor control to three-phase current (star/delta connection):