Product features

  • High thermal efficiency and compact design
  • Versatile connection models (rectangular duct, tubular, continuous flow, flanged air heaters)
  • Flow-optimised design with low pressure losses
  • Ready-to-connect, mobile or skid solutions – e.g. including fans, insulation, rollers etc. – on demand
  • Control (thyristor/contactor control) and monitoring individually adapted to the process

Area of application

  • Air
  • Industry gases (e.g. nitrogen, carbon dioxide, flue gas etc.)
  • Air conditioning, construction of industry furnaces, drying technology
  • Exhaust air treatment, catalytic afterburning


Electric air heaters are regularly used in industrial process technology, air-conditioning and process engineering as well as in the construction of industrial furnaces and drying plants. In addition to avoiding emissions, electric heaters are characterised by their high thermal efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Depending on the existing or required system design, they are specified as rectangular duct air heaters, tubular air heaters, flanged air heaters or – in case of increased system pressure – as classic continuous flow heaters. The computer-supported construction optimises the design based on the flow velocity, the maximum permissible pressure loss and the surface load of the heater. Attention should be paid to the monitoring of the medium temperature and heater to avoid overheating of the system if the flow fails. Depending on the application, different electromechanical or electronic measuring and control units, or even individual thyristor and contactor controls, are available for this purpose. The housings are made from stainless steel or steel and feature a degree of protection of up to IP66. Tubular heaters with diameters of 8.5mm, 11.5mm or 16mm made from materials selected according to the medium’s corrosiveness serve as heat source. Versions including fans, transport rollers and own controller can be provided for mobile use.

We have been successfully engaged in electric heat technology for more than 25 years and have internationally developed and manufactured reference solutions for the chemical, mechanical and plant engineering industry. We specify and manufacture our products according to international standards (DGRL 97/23/EC, AD2000, EN 13455, ASME) and, if required, with approval by TÜV/GL/DNV etc.

Tubular heater
Diameter8.5mm; 11.5mm; 16mm
Material1.4571; 1.4828; 1.4876; 2.4858
Immersion depth150mm - 2500mm
Unheated lengthby arrangement
Design variants
DimensionsDuct air heater - DIN 24 158, sheet 3, line 3
Tubular air heater - DIN or Jacob pipe; DN50..DN630
flanged heater, flange
Material1.4301; 1.4571; 1.4828
IP codeIP43 to IP66
Control / Monitoring
Mechanical or electronic temperature controllers and/or limitersby arrangement
Thyristor or contactor controlsby arrangement
Wind indicator relaysby arrangement
Mobile oder skid version
 Shape and size of the connection housing are basically determined by the control technology selected